Tanay Nag
Tanay Nag
Assistant Professor, BITS Pilani-Hyderabad campus
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Dynamical localization in a chain of hard core bosons under periodic driving
T Nag, S Roy, A Dutta, D Sen
Physical Review B 89 (16), 165425, 2014
Out of equilibrium higher-order topological insulator: Floquet engineering and quench dynamics
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T Nag, V Juričić, B Roy
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Dynamical synchronization transition in interacting electron systems
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Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 33 (7), 075504, 2020
Hierarchy of higher-order topological superconductors in three dimensions
AK Ghosh, T Nag, A Saha
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Maximum group velocity in a one-dimensional model with a sinusoidally varying staggered potential
T Nag, D Sen, A Dutta
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T Nag, U Divakaran, A Dutta
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R Sachdeva, T Nag, A Agarwal, A Dutta
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T Nag, B Roy
Communications Physics 4 (1), 157, 2021
Floquet second order topological superconductor based on unconventional pairing
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Many-body dynamics in long-range hopping models in the presence of correlated and uncorrelated disorder
R Modak, T Nag
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Non-Hermitian higher-order topological superconductors in two dimensions: Statics and dynamics
AK Ghosh, T Nag
Physical Review B 106 (14), L140303, 2022
Thermoelectric transport properties of Floquet multi-Weyl semimetals
T Nag, A Menon, B Basu
Physical Review B 102 (1), 014307, 2020
Dynamics of decoherence: Universal scaling of the decoherence factor
S Suzuki, T Nag, A Dutta
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Systematic generation of the cascade of anomalous dynamical first-and higher-order modes in Floquet topological insulators
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Role of time reversal symmetry and tilting in circular photogalvanic responses
B Sadhukhan, T Nag
Physical Review B 103 (14), 144308, 2021
Floquet engineering of low-energy dispersions and dynamical localization in a periodically kicked three-band system
L Tamang, T Nag, T Biswas
Physical Review B 104 (17), 174308, 2021
Anomaly in the dynamical quantum phase transition in a non-Hermitian system with extended gapless phases
D Mondal, T Nag
Physical Review B 106 (5), 054308, 2022
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