Subham Bhattacharjee
Subham Bhattacharjee
Research Scientist (Postdoc) in Eindhoven University of Technology
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Pyridylenevinylene based Cu 2+-specific, injectable metallo (hydro) gel: thixotropy and nanoscale metal–organic particles
S Bhattacharjee, S Bhattacharya
Chemical Communications 50 (79), 11690-11693, 2014
Phthalate mediated hydrogelation of a pyrene based system: a novel scaffold for shape-persistent, self-healing luminescent soft material
S Bhattacharjee, S Bhattacharya
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (42), 17889-17898, 2014
First report of charge-transfer induced heat-set hydrogel. Structural insights and remarkable properties
S Bhattacharjee, B Maiti, S Bhattacharya
Nanoscale 8 (21), 11224-11233, 2016
Tailoring Pore Size and Chemical Interior of near 1 nm Sized Pores in a Nanoporous Polymer Based on a Discotic Liquid Crystal
S Bhattacharjee, JAM Lugger, RP Sijbesma
Macromolecules, 2017
Remarkable Regioisomer Control in the Hydrogel Formation from a Two‐Component Mixture of Pyridine‐End Oligo (p‐phenylenevinylene) s and N‐Decanoyl‐L‐alanine
S Bhattacharjee, S Datta, S Bhattacharya
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (49), 16672-16681, 2013
Role of synergistic π–π stacking and X–H⋯ Cl (X= C, N, O) H-bonding interactions in gelation and gel phase crystallization
S Bhattacharjee, S Bhattacharya
Chemical Communications 51 (32), 7019-7022, 2015
Tuning the Ferroelectric Properties of Trialkylbenzene‐1, 3, 5‐tricarboxamide (BTA)
I Urbanaviciute, X Meng, TD Cornelissen, AV Gorbunov, S Bhattacharjee, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 3 (7), 1600530, 2017
Remarkable Role of C–I··· N Halogen bonding in thixotropic ‘halo’gel formation
S Bhattacharjee, S Bhattacharya
Langmuir 32 (17), 4270-4277, 2016
Homeotropic self-alignment of discotic liquid crystals for nanoporous polymer films
JAM Lugger, DJ Mulder, S Bhattacharjee, RP Sijbesma
ACS nano 2018, 12 (7), 6714-6724, 2018
Nanocomposite Made of an Oligo(p‐phenylenevinylene)‐Based Trihybrid Thixotropic Metallo(organo)gel Comprising Nanoscale Metal–Organic Particles, Carbon …
S Bhattacharjee, SK Samanta, P Moitra, K Pramoda, R Kumar, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (14), 5467-5476, 2015
Charge Transfer Induces Formation of Stimuli‐Responsive, Chiral, Cohesive Vesicles‐on‐a‐String that Eventually Turn into a Hydrogel
S Bhattacharjee, S Bhattacharya
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 10 (3), 572-580, 2015
Orotic acid as a useful supramolecular synthon for the fabrication of an OPV based hydrogel: stoichiometry dependent injectable behavior
S Bhattacharjee, S Bhattacharya
Chemical Communications 51 (31), 6765-6768, 2015
Suppressing depolarization by tail substitution in an organic supramolecular ferroelectric
I Urbanaviciute, S Bhattacharjee, M Biler, JAM Lugger, TD Cornelissen, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (4), 2069-2079, 2019
Negative piezoelectric effect in an organic supramolecular ferroelectric
I Urbanaviciute, X Meng, M Biler, Y Wei, TD Cornelissen, S Bhattacharjee, ...
Materials Horizons 6 (8), 1688-1698, 2019
Perfluoroarene Induces a Pentapeptidic Hydrotrope into a pH-Tolerant Hydrogel Capable of Naked Eye Sensing of Ca2+ Ion
B Maiti, S Bhattacharjee, EQUALCONTRIBUTION, S Bhattacharya
Nanoscale 11, 2223-2230, 2019
Pore size dependent cation adsorption in a nanoporous polymer film derived from a plastic columnar phase
S Bhattacharjee, JAM Lugger, RP Sijbesma
Chemical Communications 2018, 54, 9521-9524, 2018
Gelation of Novel Pyrene‐Cored Chiral Dendrimers: Dendritic Effect in Gelation and Shear Thinning Behavior
S Bhattacharjee, B Maiti, D Biswakarma, S Bhattacharya
Macromolecular Symposia 369 (1), 14-18, 2016
Addressing Multiple Ions Using Single Optical Probe: Multi‐Color Response via Mutually Independent Sensing Pathways
N Dey, S Bhattacharjee, S Bhattacharya
ChemistrySelect 5 (2), 452-462, 2020
Palladium-induced transformation of nematic liquid crystals to robust metallogel comprising self-assembled nanowires
B Maiti, S Bhattacharjee, S Bhattacharya
Chemical Communications 55 (84), 12651-12654, 2019
Nanogels, methods and devices thereof, for managing HOLTRICHIA CONSANGUINEA
S Bhattacharjee, D Bhagat, S Bhattacharya
IN Patent App. 201641024309 A, 2018
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