Carlos L. Garrido Alzar
Carlos L. Garrido Alzar
SYRTE - CNRS - Observatoire de Paris
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Classical analog of electromagnetically induced transparency
CL Garrido Alzar, MAG Martinez, P Nussenzveig
American Journal of Physics 70, 37, 2002
Continuous cold-atom inertial sensor with 1 nrad/sec rotation stability
I Dutta, D Savoie, B Fang, B Venon, CL Garrido Alzar, R Geiger, ...
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ELGAR—a European laboratory for gravitation and atom-interferometric research
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D Oblak, PG Petrov, CL Garrido Alzar, W Tittel, AK Vershovski, ...
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Roughness suppression via rapid current modulation on an atom chip
JB Trebbia, CL Garrido Alzar, R Cornelussen, CI Westbrook, I Bouchoule
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Nondestructive probing of Rabi oscillations on the cesium clock transition near the standard quantum limit
PJ Windpassinger, D Oblak, PG Petrov, M Kubasik, M Saffman, ...
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Compact chip-scale guided cold atom gyrometers for inertial navigation: Enabling technologies and design study
CL Garrido Alzar
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CL Alzar, LS Cruz, JG Gómez, MF Santos, P Nussenzveig
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Algorithm for extraction of solar cell parameters from I–V curve using double exponential model
CL Garrido-Alzar
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CL Garrido Alzar, H Perrin, BM Garraway, V Lorent
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Stability enhancement by joint phase measurements in a single cold atomic fountain
M Meunier, I Dutta, R Geiger, C Guerlin, CL Garrido Alzar, A Landragin
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JH Müller, P Petrov, D Oblak, CLG Alzar, SR De Echaniz, ES Polzik
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Spontaneous spin squeezing in a rubidium BEC
T Laudat, V Dugrain, T Mazzoni, MZ Huang, CLG Alzar, A Sinatra, ...
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Limitation of the modulation method to smooth wire guide roughness
I Bouchoule, JB Trebbia, CLG Alzar
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Classical and quantum properties of optical parametric oscillators
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Technologies for the ELGAR large scale atom interferometer array
B Canuel, S Abend, P Amaro-Seoane, F Badaracco, Q Beaufils, A Bertoldi, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.04014, 2020
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