Marcelo Yudi Icimoto
Marcelo Yudi Icimoto
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The Plasmodium falciparum STEVOR Multigene Family Mediates Antigenic Variation of the Infected Erythrocyte
M Niang, X Yan Yam, PR Preiser
PLoS pathogens 5 (2), e1000307, 2009
Giant Amazonian fish pirarucu (Arapaima gigas): Its viscera as a source of thermostable trypsin
ACV Freitas-Júnior, HMS Costa, MY Icimoto, IY Hirata, M Marcondes, ...
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Cytosolic flagellin-induced lysosomal pathway regulates inflammasome-dependent and-independent macrophage responses
SL Lage, CL Buzzo, EP Amaral, KC Matteucci, LM Massis, MY Icimoto, ...
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Peptidomic analysis of the neurolysin-knockout mouse brain
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Tietz fundamentos de química clínica e diagnóstico molecular
B Burtis, T Burns
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A recombinant multi-antigen vaccine formulation containing Babesia bovis merozoite surface antigens MSA-2a1, MSA-2b and MSA-2c elicits invasion-inhibitory …
AM Gimenez, KS Françoso, J Ersching, MY Icimoto, V Oliveira, ...
Parasites & vectors 9, 1-13, 2016
Dopamine induces the accumulation of insoluble prion protein and affects autophagic flux
MHM Da Luz, IT Peres, TG Santos, VR Martins, MY Icimoto, KS Lee
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 9, 12, 2015
Imbalance between nitric oxide and superoxide anion induced by uncoupled nitric oxide synthase contributes to human melanoma development
DA Goncalves, R Xisto, JD Goncalves, DB da Silva, JPM Soares, ...
The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 115, 105592, 2019
Positively selected sites at HCMV gB furin processing region and their effects in cleavage efficiency
LM Stangherlin, FN de Paula, MY Icimoto, LGP Ruiz, ML Nogueira, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 934, 2017
Collagenase activity of bromelain immobilized at gold nanoparticle interfaces for therapeutic applications
AMM Brito, V Oliveira, MY Icimoto, IL Nantes-Cardoso
Pharmaceutics 13 (8), 1143, 2021
Redox modulation of thimet oligopeptidase activity by hydrogen peroxide
MY Icimoto, JC Ferreira, CH Yokomizo, LV Bim, A Marem, JM Gilio, ...
FEBS Open Bio 7 (7), 1037-1050, 2017
Intermediate tyrosyl radical and amyloid structure in peroxide-activated cytoglobin
JC Ferreira, MF Marcondes, MY Icimoto, THS Cardoso, A Tofanello, ...
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Kinetic characterization of gyroxin, a serine protease from Crotalus durissus terrificus venom
CM Yonamine, MY Kondo, MA Juliano, MY Icimoto, GR Baptista, ...
Biochimie 94 (12), 2791-2793, 2012
Hysteretic behavior of proprotein convertase 1/3 (PC1/3)
MY Icimoto, NM Barros, JC Ferreira, MF Marcondes, D Andrade, ...
PloS one 6 (9), e24545, 2011
Leviserpin: A Serine Peptidase Inhibitor (Serpin) from the Sugarcane Weevil Sphenophorus levis
FPP Fonseca, PTL Ike, DM Assis, MY Icimoto, MA Juliano, L Juliano, ...
The Protein Journal 30, 404-412, 2011
Substrate specificity, physicochemical and kinetic properties of a trypsin from the giant Amazonian fish pirarucu (Arapaima gigas)
ACV de Freitas-Júnior, HMS da Costa, M Marcuschi, MY Icimoto, ...
Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology 35, 102073, 2021
Mecanismo de ação e resistência ao uso de glicocorticoides
PR Errante, FS Menezes-Rodrigues, JGP Tavares, MCM Reis, MY Icimoto, ...
Revista de Pesquisa e Inovação Farmacêutica 6 (2), 2014
Heparan sulfate proteoglycan deficiency up‐regulates the intracellular production of nitric oxide in Chinese hamster ovary cell lines
SV Lucena, GEDD Moura, T Rodrigues, CM Watashi, FH Melo, ...
Journal of Cellular Physiology 233 (4), 3176-3194, 2018
Increased stability of oligopeptidases immobilized on gold nanoparticles
MY Icimoto, AMM Brito, MPC Ramos, V Oliveira, IL Nantes-Cardoso
Catalysts 10 (1), 78, 2020
Cathepsin K inhibitors based on 2-amino-1, 3, 4-oxadiazole derivatives
TB Gontijo, PS Lima, MY Icimoto, RL Neves, ÉC de Alvarenga, ...
Bioorganic Chemistry 109, 104662, 2021
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