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User-friendly solutions for microarray quality control and pre-processing on
LMT Eijssen, M Jaillard, ME Adriaens, S Gaj, PJ de Groot, M Müller, ...
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Differences in gene expression profiles between human preimplantation embryos cultured in two different IVF culture media
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Reduction of colonic inflammation in HLA-B27 transgenic rats by feeding Marie Ménard apples, rich in polyphenols
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Chip-based mtDNA mutation screening enables fast and reliable genetic diagnosis of OXPHOS patients
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Prenatal stress-induced programming of genome-wide promoter DNA methylation in 5-HTT-deficient mice
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Validating nutrient-related gene expression changes from microarrays using RT2 PCR-arrays
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The immediate early gene product EGR1 and polycomb group proteins interact in epigenetic programming during chondrogenesis
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The NuGO proof of principle study package: a collaborative research effort of the European Nutrigenomics Organisation
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Molecular pathways involved in prostate carcinogenesis: insights from public microarray datasets
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An evaluation of two-channel ChIP-on-chip and DNA methylation microarray normalization strategies
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Termination of damaged protein repair defines the occurrence of symptoms in carriers of the m. 3243A> G tRNALeu mutation
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Exploring pathway interactions in insulin resistant mouse liver
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A user-friendly workflow for analysis of Illumina gene expression bead array data available at the portal
LMT Eijssen, VS Goelela, T Kelder, ME Adriaens, CT Evelo, M Radonjic
BMC genomics 16 (1), 482, 2015
Automatically visualise and analyse data on pathways using PathVisioRPC from any programming environment
A Bohler, LMT Eijssen, MP van Iersel, C Leemans, EL Willighagen, ...
BMC bioinformatics 16 (1), 267, 2015
Quantitative analysis of ChIP-seq data uncovers dynamic and sustained H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 modulation in cancer cells under hypoxia
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Altered myocardial gene expression reveals possible maladaptive processes in heterozygous and homozygous cardiac myosin-binding protein C knockout mice
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The Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences: Enabling data-intensive life science research in the Netherlands
L Eijssen, C Evelo, R Kok, B Mons, R Hooft
F1000Research 4, 2015
2; referees: 2 approved, 1 approved with reservations
L Eijssen, C Evelo, R Kok, B Mons, R Hooft
A novel stepwise analysis procedure of genome‐wide expression profiles identifies transcript signatures of thiamine genes as classifiers of mitochondrial mutants
LMT Eijssen, PJ Lindsey, R Peeters, RL Westra, RGE Van Eijsden, ...
Yeast 25 (2), 129-140, 2008
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