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Wood anatomy and conductivity in lianas, shrubs and trees of Bignoniaceae
CS Gerolamo, V Angyalossy
IAWA Journal 3 (38), 412-432, 2017
The wood anatomy of Sapindales: diversity and evolution of wood characters
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Polishing entire stems and roots using sandpaper under water: An alternative method for macroscopic analyses
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Liana attachment to supports leads to profound changes in xylem anatomy and cambium and differentiating xylem transcriptional profile
AC Lima, SC da Silva Andrade, CS Gerolamo, D Souza, LL Coutinho, ...
Authorea Preprints, 2023
Lianas in tropical dry seasonal forests have a high hydraulic efficiency but not always a higher embolism resistance than lianas in rainforests
CS Gerolamo, L Pereira, FRC Costa, S Jansen, V Angyalossy, ...
Annals of Botany, mcae077, 2024
Cipós, trepadeiras ou lianas?
C Gerolamo
Heringeriana 18, 2024
Bark wings are related to the primary vascular system: the case of Piptadenia gonoacantha (Leguminosae)
FA Teixeira, CS Gerolamo, AWS Junior, MR Pace
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Lianas in tropical dry forests have higher embolism resistance but similar hydraulic efficiency than lianas in rainforests
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Hoehnea 49, e592021, 2022
How dehydration affects stem bending stiffness and leaf toughness after sampling of the liana Amphilophium crucigerum (L.) L.G.Lohmann (Bignoniaceae)
Gerolamo CS, Fogaça MD, Bastos CL, 2022
Liana functional assembly along the hydrological gradient in Central Amazonia
E da Xavier Rocha, A Nogueira, F Costa, R Burnham, C Gerolamo, ..., 2022
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