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Ultrasequencing of the meiofaunal biosphere: practice, pitfalls and promises
S Creer, VG Fonseca, DL Porazinska, RM Giblin‐Davis, W Sung, ...
Molecular Ecology 19 (s1), 4-20, 2010
Second-generation environmental sequencing unmasks marine metazoan biodiversity
VG Fonseca, GR Carvalho, W Sung, HF Johnson, DM Power, SP Neill, ...
Nature communications 1, 98, 2010
Environmental metabarcoding reveals heterogeneous drivers of microbial eukaryote diversity in contrasting estuarine ecosystems
D Lallias, JG Hiddink, VG Fonseca, JM Gaspar, W Sung, SP Neill, ...
The ISME journal 9 (5), 1208, 2015
Sample richness and genetic diversity as drivers of chimera formation in nSSU metagenetic analyses
VG Fonseca, B Nichols, D Lallias, C Quince, GR Carvalho, DM Power, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 40 (9), e66-e66, 2012
Metagenetic analysis of patterns of distribution and diversity of marine meiobenthic eukaryotes
VG Fonseca, GR Carvalho, B Nichols, C Quince, HF Johnson, SP Neill, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 23 (11), 1293-1302, 2014
DNAqua-Net: Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems in Europe
F Leese, F Altermatt, A Bouchez, T Ekrem, D Hering, K Meissner, ...
Research Ideas and Outcomes 2, e11321, 2016
Individual relationship between aneuploidy of gill cells and growth rate in the cupped oysters Crassostrea angulata, C. gigas and their reciprocal hybrids
FM Batista, A Leitão, VG Fonseca, R Ben-Hamadou, F Ruano, ...
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 352 (1), 226-233, 2007
Identification of an osteopontin‐like protein in fish associated with mineral formation
VG Fonseca, V Laizé, MS Valente, ML Cancela
The FEBS journal 274 (17), 4428-4439, 2007
Comparative study of shell shape and muscle scar pigmentation in the closely related cupped oysters Crassostrea angulata, C. gigas and their reciprocal hybrids
FM Batista, R Ben-Hamadou, VG Fonseca, N Taris, F Ruano, ...
Aquatic Living Resources 21 (1), 31-38, 2008
Feeding and the rhodopsin family g-protein coupled receptors in nematodes and arthropods
JCR Cardoso, RC Felix, VG Fonseca, DM Power
Frontiers in endocrinology 3, 157, 2012
Patterns of association and habitat use by migrating shorebirds on intertidal mudflats and saltworks on the Tavira Estuary, Ria Formosa, southern Portugal
Wader Study Group Bulletin 105, 50-55, 2004
Unravelling the evolution of the allatostatin-type A, KISS and galanin peptide-receptor gene families in bilaterians: insights from Anopheles mosquitoes
RC Felix, M Trindade, IRP Pires, VG Fonseca, RS Martins, H Silveira, ...
PLoS One 10 (7), e0130347, 2015
Revealing higher than expected meiofaunal diversity in Antarctic sediments: a metabarcoding approach
VG Fonseca, F Sinniger, JM Gaspar, C Quince, S Creer, DM Power, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 6094, 2017
Pitfalls in relative abundance estimation using eDNA metabarcoding
VG Fonseca
Molecular Ecology Resources 18 (5), 2018
Insights on the association between somatic aneuploidy and ostreid herpesvirus 1 detection in the oysters Crassostrea gigas, C. angulata and their F1 hybrids
FM Batista, M López‐Sanmartín, P Boudry, JI Navas, F Ruano, T Renault, ...
Aquaculture research 47 (5), 1530-1536, 2016
Identification of a new cartilage-specific S100-like protein up-regulated during endo/perichondral mineralization in gilthead seabream
VG Fonseca, J Rosa, V Laizé, PJ Gavaia, ML Cancela
Gene Expression Patterns 11 (7), 448-455, 2011
Isolation of marine meiofauna from sandy sediments: from decanting to DNA extraction.
VG Fonseca, M Packer, GR Carvalho, DM Power, ...
Nature Protocol Exchange, 2011
First record of female intersex in Hirschmanniella shamimi Ahmad, 1972 (Nematoda: Pratylenchidae), with a checklist of intersexes in plant nematodes
K Zhuo, J Liao, R Cui, Y Li
Zootaxa 1973, 61-68, 2009
Waterbird breeding on salinas in Ria Formosa, southern Portugal
VG Fonseca, N Grade, LC da Fonseca
Wader Study Group Bulletin 106, 58-59, 2005
Asynchrony in settlement time between the closely related oysters Crassostrea angulata and C. gigas in Ria Formosa lagoon (Portugal)
FM Batista, VG Fonseca, F Ruano, P Boudry
Marine biology 164 (5), 110, 2017
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