Yurimiler Leyet Ruiz
Yurimiler Leyet Ruiz
Universidade Federal do Amazonas,Professor of Material Engineering,
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Electrochemical synthesis of γ-CoOOH films from α-Co(OH)2 with a high electrochemical performance for energy storage device applications
L Aguilera, PCM Aguiar, YL Ruiz, A Almeida, JA Moreira, RR Passos, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 31, 3084-3091, 2020
Cabbage-like α-Ni (OH) 2 with a good long-term cycling stability and high electrochemical performances for supercapacitor applications
L Aguilera, Y Leyet, R Peña-Garcia, E Padrón-Hernández, RR Passos, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 677, 75-79, 2017
Novel and simple way to synthesize Na2Ti6O13 nanoparticles by sonochemical method
NG Fagundes, FX Nobre, LAL Basilio, AD Melo, B Bandeira, JCC Sales Jr, ...
Solid State Sciences 88, 63-66, 2019
Relaxation dynamics of the conductive processes in BaTiO3 ceramics at high temperature
Y Leyet, F Guerrero, JP de la Cruz
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Facile synthesis of nTiO2 phase mixture: characterization and catalytic performance
FX Nobre, WAGP Junior, YL Ruiz, VLI Bentes, MO Silva-Moraes, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 109, 60-71, 2019
Phase transition and PTCR effect in erbium doped BT ceramics
Y Leyet, R Peña, Y Zulueta, F Guerrero, J Anglada-Rivera, Y Romaguera, ...
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First-principles study of neutral defects in Fe-doped cubic barium titanate
JJ Meléndez, YA Zulueta, Y Leyet
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F Guerrero, Y Leyet, M Venet, JLS Guerra, JA Eiras
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Effect of La3+ cation solubility on the structural, magnetic and electrical properties of barium hexaferrite
P Mariño-Castellanos, F Guerrero, Y Romaguera-Barcelay, ...
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Relaxation dynamics of the conductive processes for PbNb2O6 ferroelectric ceramics in the frequency and time domain
RL Gonzalez, Y Leyet, F Guerrero, JLS Guerra, M Venet, JA Eiras
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Synthesis of Na2Ti3O7 nanoparticles by sonochemical method for solid state electrolyte applications
Y Leyet, F Guerrero, J Anglada-Rivera, RFB De Souza, WR Brito, ...
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Investigation of the dielectric response in PbNb2O6 ferroelectric ceramics
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YA Zulueta, JA Dawson, Y Leyet, F Guerrero, J Anglada‐Rivera, ...
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Fast synthesis of Na2Ti3O7 system synthesized by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method: Electrical properties
LAL Basilio, F Xavier, J Junior, JCS Andrade, J Anglada-Rivera, ...
Ceramics International 46, 23834, 2020
Copper molybdate synthesized by sonochemistry route at room temperature as an efficient solid catalyst for esterification of oleic acid
JLS Junior, FX Nobre, FA de Freitas, TAF de Carvalho, SS de Barros, ...
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 73, 105541, 2021
Hydrothermal temperature dependence of CaWO4 nanoparticles: structural, optical, morphology and photocatalytic activity
FX Nobre, R Muniz, ER do Nascimento, RS Amorim, RS Silva, A Almeida, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 32, 9776-9794, 2021
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L Aguilera, N Fagundes, AD Melo, B Bandeira, FX Nobre, ...
Ceramics International 46 (7), 8706-8710, 2020
Electrochemical preparation of Ni (OH) 2/CoOOH bilayer films for application in energy storage devices
L Aguilera, Y Leyet, A Almeida, JA Moreira, JP De La Cruz, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 874, 159858, 2021
Structural and Optical Properties of Ca0. 9Cu0. 01WO4 Solid Solution Synthesized by Sonochemistry Method at Room Temperature
FX Nobre, IC Nogueira, GS Souza, JME Matos, PRC Couceiro, WR Brito, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 59 (9), 6039-6046, 2020
Can erbium dopant occupy both cation sites in cubic barium titanate via a mechanism different than self‐compensation?
YA Zulueta, F Guerrero, Y Leyet, J Anglada‐Rivera, ...
physica status solidi (b) 252 (3), 508-516, 2015
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