Yangyang Liu
Yangyang Liu
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Chemical, thermal and mechanical stabilities of metal–organic frameworks
AJ Howarth, Y Liu, P Li, Z Li, TC Wang, JT Hupp, OK Farha
Nature Reviews Materials 1 (3), 1-15, 2016
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Y Liu, ZU Wang, HC Zhou
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RC Klet, Y Liu, TC Wang, JT Hupp, OK Farha
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Y Liu, AJ Howarth, JT Hupp, OK Farha
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Y Liu, SY Moon, JT Hupp, OK Farha
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A historical perspective on porphyrin-based metal–organic frameworks and their applications
X Zhang, MC Wasson, M Shayan, EK Berdichevsky, J Ricardo-Noordberg, ...
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P García-Holley, B Schweitzer, T Islamoglu, Y Liu, L Lin, S Rodriguez, ...
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Efficient and selective oxidation of sulfur mustard using singlet oxygen generated by a pyrene-based metal–organic framework
Y Liu, CT Buru, AJ Howarth, JJ Mahle, JH Buchanan, JB DeCoste, ...
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S Wang, W Morris, Y Liu, CM McGuirk, Y Zhou, JT Hupp, OK Farha, ...
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AE Platero-Prats, A Mavrandonakis, LC Gallington, Y Liu, JT Hupp, ...
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Y Liu, JR Li, WM Verdegaal, TF Liu, HC Zhou
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AJ Howarth, CT Buru, Y Liu, AM Ploskonka, KJ Hartlieb, M McEntee, ...
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Y Xie, H Yang, ZU Wang, Y Liu, HC Zhou, JR Li
Chemical Communications 50 (5), 563-565, 2014
Metal–Organic Framework Hybrid Materials and Their Applications
J Sosa, T Bennett, K Nelms, B Liu, R Tovar, Y Liu
Crystals 8 (8), 325, 2018
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