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Electric field–induced selective catalysis of single-molecule reaction
X Huang#, C Tang#, J Li #, LC Chen#, J Zheng, P Zhang, J Le, R Li, X Li, ...
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Distinguishing diketopyrrolopyrrole isomers in single-molecule junctions via reversible stimuli-responsive quantum interference
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Switching of charge transport pathways via delocalization changes in single-molecule metallacycles junctions
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Light‐Driven Reversible Intermolecular Proton Transfer at Single‐Molecule Junctions
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Multicenter‐Bond‐Based Quantum Interference in Charge Transport Through Single‐Molecule Carborane Junctions
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Stable Diindeno‐Fused Corannulene Regioisomers with Open‐Shell Singlet Ground States and Large Diradical Characters
RQ Lu, S Wu, LL Yang, WB Gao, H Qu, XY Wang, JB Chen, C Tang, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (23), 7600-7605, 2019
Turning the Tap: Conformational Control of Quantum Interference to Modulate Single‐Molecule Conductance
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Nanographenes as electron-deficient cores of donor-acceptor systems
YM Liu, H Hou, YZ Zhou, XJ Zhao, C Tang, YZ Tan, K Müllen
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Modularized Tuning of Charge Transport through Highly Twisted and Localized Single-Molecule Junctions
Z Chen, L Chen, J Liu, R Li, C Tang, Y Hua, L Chen, J Shi, Y Yang, J Liu, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 10 (12), 3453-3458, 2019
Structure‐Independent Conductance of Thiophene‐Based Single‐Stacking Junctions
X Li, Q Wu, J Bai, S Hou, W Jiang, C Tang, H Song, X Huang, J Zheng, ...
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Electric-Field-Induced Connectivity Switching in Single-Molecule Junctions
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Synthesis and Characterization of Photothermal Osmium Carbolong Complexes
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Metallapentalenofuran: Shifting metallafuran rings promoted by substituent effects
Y Hua, Q Lan, J Fei, C Tang, J Lin, H Zha, S Chen, Y Lu, J Chen, X He, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (54), 14531-14538, 2018
Identifying the Conformational Isomers of Single-Molecule Cyclohexane at Room Temperature
C Tang, Y Tang, Y Ye, Z Yan, Z Chen, L Chen, L Zhang, J Liu, J Shi, H Xia, ...
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Molecular bilayer graphene
XJ Zhao, H Hou, XT Fan, Y Wang, YM Liu, C Tang, SH Liu, PP Ding, ...
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Coenzyme coupling boosts charge transport through single bioactive enzyme junctions
X Zhuang, A Zhang, S Qiu, C Tang, S Zhao, H Li, Y Zhang, Y Wang, ...
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Bowl Inversion in an Exo‐type Supramolecule in the Solid State
YM Liu, YQ Huang, SH Liu, D Chen, C Tang, ZL Qiu, J Zhu, YZ Tan
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (38), 13276-13279, 2019
Highly Reversible O2 Conversions by Coupling LiO2 Intermediate through a Dual‐Site Catalyst in Li‐O2 Batteries
X Lin, Z Sun, C Tang, Y Hong, P Xu, X Cui, R Yuan, Z Zhou, M Zheng, ...
Advanced Energy Materials, 2001592, 2020
Tetra‐benzothiadiazole‐based [12] Cycloparaphenylene with Bright Emission and its Supramolecular Assembly
ZL Qiu, C Tang, XR Wang, YY Ju, KS Chu, ZY Deng, H Hou, YM Liu, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020
Molecular defect-containing bilayer graphene exhibiting brightened luminescence
XJ Zhao, H Hou, PP Ding, ZY Deng, YY Ju, SH Liu, YM Liu, C Tang, ...
Science advances 6 (9), eaay8541, 2020
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