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Gianmarco Terrones
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MOFSimplify, machine learning models with extracted stability data of three thousand metal–organic frameworks
A Nandy, G Terrones, N Arunachalam, C Duan, DW Kastner, HJ Kulik
Scientific Data 9 (1), 74, 2022
A database of ultrastable MOFs reassembled from stable fragments with machine learning models
A Nandy, S Yue, C Oh, C Duan, GG Terrones, YG Chung, HJ Kulik
Matter 6 (5), 1585-1603, 2023
Low-cost machine learning prediction of excited state properties of iridium-centered phosphors
GG Terrones, C Duan, A Nandy, HJ Kulik
Chemical Science 14 (6), 1419-1433, 2023
Active Learning Exploration of Transition-Metal Complexes to Discover Method-Insensitive and Synthetically Accessible Chromophores
C Duan, A Nandy, GG Terrones, DW Kastner, HJ Kulik
JACS Au 3 (2), 391-401, 2022
Effects of MOF linker rotation and functionalization on methane uptake and diffusion
S Yue, C Oh, A Nandy, GG Terrones, HJ Kulik
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 8 (4), 527-537, 2023
Visible-Light-Mediated aza Paternò-Büchi Reaction of Acyclic Oximes and Alkenes for the Synthesis of Monocyclic Azetidines
C Schindler, H Kulik, E Wearing, YC Yeh, G Terrones, S Parikh, ...
SESAMI APP: An Accessible Interface for Surface Area Calculation of Materials from Adsorption Isotherms
GG Terrones, Y Chen, A Datar, LC Lin, HJ Kulik, YG Chung
Journal of Open Source Software 8 (86), 5429, 2023
Machine Learning Prediction of the Experimental Transition Temperature of Fe (II) Spin-Crossover Complexes
V Vennelakanti, IB Kilic, GG Terrones, C Duan, HJ Kulik
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 128 (1), 204-216, 2023
WS24: A diverse data set for predicting metal-organic framework stability in water and harsh environments with data-driven models
G Terrones, SP Huang, M Rivera, S Yue, A Hernandez, H Kulik
A Semi‐Automated, High‐Throughput Approach for the Synthesis and Identification of Highly Photo‐Cytotoxic Iridium Complexes
T Kench, A Rahardjo, GG Terrones, A Bellamkonda, TE Maher, M Storch, ...
Angewandte Chemie 136 (18), e202401808, 2024
Visible-Light-Mediated Macrocyclization for the Formation of Azetine-Based Dimers
CH Ng, SL Kim, I Kevlishvili, GG Terrones, ER Wearing, HJ Kulik, ...
ACS Catalysis, 2024
Visible Light-Mediated [2+ 2]-Cycloadditions for the Formation of Macrocyclic Dimers
C Schindler, C Ng, S Kim, I Kevlishvili, G Terrones, E Wearing, H Kulik
Electronic Supplementary Information for Low-cost machine learning prediction of excited state properties of iridium-centered phosphors
GG Terrones, C Duan, A Nandy, HJ Kulik
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