Fouzia Boulmedais
Fouzia Boulmedais
CNRS researcher
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Improvement of stability and cell adhesion properties of polyelectrolyte multilayer films by chemical cross-linking
L Richert, F Boulmedais, P Lavalle, J Mutterer, E Ferreux, G Decher, ...
Biomacromolecules 5 (2), 284-294, 2004
Electrochemical nanoarchitectonics and layer-by-layer assembly: From basics to future
G Rydzek, Q Ji, M Li, P Schaaf, JP Hill, F Boulmedais, K Ariga
Nano Today 10 (2), 138-167, 2015
Polyelectrolyte multilayer films with pegylated polypeptides as a new type of anti-microbial protection for biomaterials
F Boulmedais, B Frisch, O Etienne, P Lavalle, C Picart, J Ogier, JC Voegel, ...
Biomaterials 25 (11), 2003-2011, 2004
Buildup of exponentially growing multilayer polypeptide films with internal secondary structure
F Boulmedais, V Ball, P Schwinte, B Frisch, P Schaaf, JC Voegel
Langmuir 19 (2), 440-445, 2003
Self‐defensive biomaterial coating against bacteria and yeasts: polysaccharide multilayer film with embedded antimicrobial peptide
G Cado, R Aslam, L Séon, T Garnier, R Fabre, A Parat, A Chassepot, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (38), 4801-4809, 2013
Spray‐assisted polyelectrolyte multilayer buildup: From step‐by‐step to single‐step polyelectrolyte film constructions
P Schaaf, JC Voegel, L Jierry, F Boulmedais
Advanced Materials 24 (8), 1001-1016, 2012
Polyelectrolyte multilayers: a versatile tool for preparing antimicrobial coatings
L Séon, P Lavalle, P Schaaf, F Boulmedais
Langmuir 31 (47), 12856-12872, 2015
On the benefits of rubbing salt in the cut: Self-healing of saloplastic PAA/PAH compact polyelectrolyte complexes
A Reisch, E Roger, T Phoeung, C Antheaume, C Orthlieb, F Boulmedais, ...
Adv. Mater 26 (16), 2547-2551, 2014
Embedded silver ions-containing liposomes in polyelectrolyte multilayers: cargos films for antibacterial agents
M Malcher, D Volodkin, B Heurtault, P André, P Schaaf, H Möhwald, ...
Langmuir 24 (18), 10209-10215, 2008
Controlled electrodissolution of polyelectrolyte multilayers: a platform technology towards the surface‐initiated delivery of drugs
F Boulmedais, CS Tang, B Keller, J Vörös
Advanced Functional Materials 16 (1), 63-70, 2006
Efficient gas and water vapor barrier properties of thin poly (lactic acid) packaging films: Functionalization with moisture resistant nafion and clay multilayers
F Carosio, S Colonna, A Fina, G Rydzek, J Hemmerle, L Jierry, P Schaaf, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (19), 5459-5466, 2014
Multilayered polypeptide films: Secondary structures and effect of various stresses
F Boulmedais, M Bozonnet, P Schwinté, JC Voegel, P Schaaf
Langmuir 19 (23), 9873-9882, 2003
Secondary structure of polypeptide multilayer films: An example of locally ordered polyelectrolyte multilayers
F Boulmedais, P Schwinté, C Gergely, JC Voegel, P Schaaf
Langmuir 18 (11), 4523-4525, 2002
Spray-on organic/inorganic films: a general method for the formation of functional nano-to microscale coatings
M Lefort, G Popa, E Seyrek, R Szamocki, O Felix, J Hemmerlé, L Vidal, ...
Angew. Chem., Int. Ed 49 (52), 10110, 2010
Small and stable peptidic PEGylated quantum dots to target polyhistidine-tagged proteins with controlled stoichiometry
A Dif, F Boulmedais, M Pinot, V Roullier, M Baudy-Floc’h, FM Coquelle, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (41), 14738-14746, 2009
Polymer multilayer films obtained by electrochemically catalyzed click chemistry
G Rydzek, JS Thomann, N Ben Ameur, L Jierry, P Mésini, A Ponche, ...
Langmuir 26 (4), 2816-2824, 2010
Collagen-based fibrillar multilayer films cross-linked by a natural agent
C Chaubaroux, E Vrana, C Debry, P Schaaf, B Senger, JC Voegel, ...
Biomacromolecules 13 (7), 2128-2135, 2012
Effect of the supporting electrolyte anion on the thickness of PSS/PAH multilayer films and on their permeability to an electroactive probe
AE El Haitami, D Martel, V Ball, HC Nguyen, E Gonthier, P Labbé, ...
Langmuir 25 (4), 2282-2289, 2009
Multilayers built from two component polyanions and single component polycation solutions: A way to engineer films with desired secondary structure
M Debreczeny, V Ball, F Boulmedais, B Szalontai, JC Voegel, P Schaaf
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (46), 12734-12739, 2003
Polyelectrolyte multilayer films as substrates for photoreceptor cells
A Tezcaner, D Hicks, F Boulmedais, J Sahel, P Schaaf, JC Voegel, ...
Biomacromolecules 7 (1), 86-94, 2006
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