Deepak Dubey
Deepak Dubey
Research Associate, University of Calgary, Canada
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Hole-transporting materials for organic light-emitting diodes: An overview
SS Swayamprabha, MR Nagar, RAK Yadav, S Gull, DK Dubey, JH Jou
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7 (24), 7144-7158, 2019
New Molecular Design Based on Hybridized Local and Charge Transfer Fluorescence for Highly Efficient (> 6%) Deep-Blue Organic Light Emitting Diodes
RK Konidena, KRJ Thomas, DK Dubey, S Sahoo, JH Jou
Chemical Communications, 2017
Multi-substituted deep-blue emitting carbazoles: a comparative study on photophysical and electroluminescence characteristics
RK Konidena, KRJ Thomas, S Sahoo, DK Dubey, JH Jou
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (3), 709-726, 2017
Molecule-based monochromatic and polychromatic OLEDs with wet-process feasibility
JH Jou, S Sahoo, DK Dubey, RAK Yadav, SS Swayamprabha, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (43), 11492-11518, 2018
Local structure and photocatalytic properties of sol–gel derived Mn–Li co-doped ZnO diluted magnetic semiconductor nanocrystals
DK Dubey, DN Singh, S Kumar, C Nayak, P Kumbhakar, SN Jha, ...
RSC advances 6 (27), 22852-22867, 2016
Tuning the photophysical and electroluminescence properties in asymmetrically tetrasubstituted bipolar carbazoles by functional group disposition
RK Konidena, KRJ Thomas, A Pathak, DK Dubey, S Sahoo, JH Jou
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (28), 24013-24027, 2018
Solution process feasible highly efficient white organic light emitting diode
DK Dubey, S Sahoo, CW Wang, JH Jou
Organic Electronics 69, 232-240, 2019
Synthesis, photophysical, theoretical and electroluminescence study of triphenylamine-imidazole based blue fluorophores for solution-processed organic light emitting diodes
J Tagare, DK Dubey, JH Jou, S Vaidyanathan
Dyes and Pigments 160, 944-956, 2019
Room-temperature columnar liquid crystals as efficient pure deep-blue emitters in organic light-emitting diodes with an external quantum efficiency of 4.0%
J De, WY Yang, I Bala, SP Gupta, RAK Yadav, DK Dubey, A Chowdhury, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (8), 8291-8300, 2019
Role of molecular orbital energy levels in OLED performance
RAK Yadav, DK Dubey, SZ Chen, TW Liang, JH Jou
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-15, 2020
Enabling a 6.5% external quantum efficiency deep-blue organic light-emitting diode with a solution-processable carbazole-based emitter
JH Jou, JL Li, S Sahoo, DK Dubey, RA Kumar Yadav, V Joseph, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (42), 24295-24303, 2018
Deep‐Blue OLED Fabrication from Heptazine Columnar Liquid Crystal Based AIE‐Active Sky‐Blue Emitter
I Bala, L Ming, RAK Yadav, J De, DK Dubey, S Kumar, H Singh, JH Jou, ...
ChemistrySelect 3 (27), 7771-7777, 2018
Simple-structured efficient white organic light emitting diode via solution process
DK Dubey, M Singh, S Sahoo, JH Jou
Microelectronics Reliability 83, 293-296, 2018
Blue Luminescent Organic Light Emitting Diode Devices of a New Class of Star-Shaped Columnar Mesogens Exhibiting π–π Driven Supergelation
J De, SP Gupta, S Sudheendran Swayamprabha, DK Dubey, I Bala, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (41), 23659-23674, 2018
Flexible White Organic Light Emitting Diode via Solution Process
DK Dubey, FC Tung, SH Liu, WC Song, M Singh, S Sahoo, SH Lai, ...
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 48 (1), 2025-2027, 2017
Approaches for long lifetime organic light emitting diodes
SS Swayamprabha, DK Dubey, RAKY Shahnawaz, MR Nagar, A Sharma, ...
Advanced Science 8 (1), 2020
Room temperature discotic liquid crystalline triphenylene-pentaalkynylbenzene dyads as an emitter in blue OLEDs and their charge transfer complexes with ambipolar charge …
I Bala, WY Yang, SP Gupta, J De, RAK Yadav, DP Singh, DK Dubey, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7 (19), 5724-5738, 2019
Highly twisted tetra-N-phenylbenzidine-phenanthroimidazole based derivatives for blue organic light emitting diodes: experimental and theoretical investigation
J Tagare, SS Swayamprabha, DK Dubey, RAK Yadav, JH Jou, ...
Organic Electronics 62, 419-428, 2018
Highly efficient deep-blue organic light emitting diode with a carbazole based fluorescent emitter
S Sahoo, DK Dubey, M Singh, V Joseph, KRJ Thomas, JH Jou
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 57 (4S), 04FL08, 2018
Crosslinkable hole-transporting small molecule as a mixed host for efficient solution-processed red organic light emitting diodes
Deepak Kumar Dubey, Rohit Ashok Kumar Yadav, D. Tavgeniene, Saulius ...
Thin Solid Films, 2018
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