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Citações dos meus artigos
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Hardness and diametral tensile strength of a hybrid composite resin polymerized with different modes and immersed in ethanol or distilled water media
FHB Aguiar, ATB Braceiro, G Ambrosano, JR Lovadino
Dental Materials 21 (12), 1098-1103
Effect of light curing tip distance and resin shade on microhardness of a hybrid resin composite
FHB Aguiar, CR Lazzari, DANL Lima, GMB Ambrosano, JR Lovadino
Brazilian oral research 19 (4), 302-306
Effect of different intensity light curing modes on microleakage of two resin composite restorations.
GK Barros, FH Aguiar, AJ Santos, JR Lovadino
Operative dentistry 28 (5), 642-646
Effect of curing lights and bleaching agents on physical properties of a hybrid composite resin
Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry 20 (4), 266-273
In vitro evaluation of the effectiveness of bleaching agents activated by different light sources
DANL Lima, FHB Aguiar, PCS Liporoni, E Munin, GMB Ambrosano, ...
Journal of Prosthodontics 18 (3), 249-254
Effect of light curing modes and light curing time on the microhardness of a hybrid composite resin
FH Aguiar, A Braceiro, DA Lima, GM Ambrosano, JR Lovadino
J Contemp Dent Pract 8 (6), 1-8
Effect of light curing modes and filling techniques on microleakage of posterior resin composite restorations.
FH Aguiar, KF Ajudarte, JR Lovadino
Operative dentistry 27 (6), 557-562
Quantitative evaluation of marginal leakage of two resin composite restorations using two filling techniques.
FH Aguiar, AJ Santos, FC Groppo, JR Lovadino
Operative dentistry 27 (5), 475-479
In vitro assessment of the effectiveness of whitening dentifrices for the removal of extrinsic tooth stains
DANL Lima, FHB Aguiar, PCS Liporoni, E Munin, GMB Ambrosano, ...
Brazilian Oral Research 22 (2), 106-111
A quantitative method of measuring the microleakage of thermocycled or non-thermocycled posterior tooth restorations.
FH Aguiar, AJ Dos Santos, FM Franca, LA Paulillo, JR Lovadino
Operative dentistry 28 (6), 793-799
Evaluation of microleakage in human, bovine and swine enamels
A Abuabara, AJS Santos, FHB Aguiar, JR Lovadino
Brazilian oral research 18 (4), 312-316
The effect of coffee solution on tooth color during home bleaching applications.
ML Attia, FH Aguiar, P Mathias, GM Ambrosano, CM Fontes, PC Liporoni
American journal of dentistry 22 (3), 175-179
Effect of Different Light‐Curing Modes on Degree of Conversion, Staining Susceptibility and Stain's Retention Using Different Beverages in a Nanofilled Composite Resin
FHB AGUIAR, MH Georgetto, GP Soares, A Catelan, PH Dos Santos, ...
Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry 23 (2), 106-114
Effect of polymerization modes and resin composite on the temperature rise of human dentin of different thicknesses: an in vitro study.
FH Aguiar, GK Barros, AJ dos Santos, GM Ambrosano, JR Lovadino
Operative dentistry 30 (5), 602-607
Effect of bleaching treatment and reduced application time of an antioxidant on bond strength to bleached enamel and subjacent dentin
AF Lima, FM Fonseca, MS Freitas, AR Palialol, FH Aguiar, GM Marchi
J Adhes Dent 13 (6), 537-42
Effects of mouthwashes on Knoop hardness and surface roughness of dental composites after different immersion times
DA Miranda, CES Bertoldo, FHB Aguiar, DANL Lima, JR Lovadino
Brazilian oral research 25 (2), 168-173
Effect of irradiation times on the polymerization depth of contemporary fissure sealants with different opacities
BCD Borges, GVG Bezerra, JA Mesquita, MR Pereira, FHB Aguiar, ...
Brazilian oral research 25 (2), 135-142
Effect of preheating resin composite and light-curing units on the microleakage of Class II restorations submitted to thermocycling
REA dos Santos, AF Lima, GP Soares, GMB Ambrosano, GM Marchi, ...
Operative dentistry 36 (1), 60-65
Influence of extended light exposure time on the degree of conversion and plasticization of materials used as pit and fissure sealants
BCD Borges, EJ Souza‐Júnior, A Catelan, JR Lovadino, PH Dos Santos, ...
Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry 1 (2), 151-155
Step-cure polymerization: effect of initial light intensity on resin/dentin bond strength in class I cavities
AJS Santos, CF Sarmento, A Abuabara, FHB Aguiar, JR Lovadino
Operative dentistry 31 (3), 324-331
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