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Citações dos meus artigos
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Mechanisms of renal dysfunction during positive end-expiratory pressure ventilation
HJ Priebe, JC Heimann, J Hedley-Whyte
Journal of Applied Physiology 50 (3), 643-649
Changes in sodium or glucose filtration rate modulate expression of glucose transporters in renal proximal tubular cells of rat
S Vestri, MM Okamoto, HS De Freitas, RA Dos Santos, MT Nunes, ...
The Journal of membrane biology 182 (2), 105-112
High-or Low-Salt Diet From Weaning to Adulthood Effect on Insulin Sensitivity in Wistar Rats
PO Prada, MM Okamoto, LNS Furukawa, UF Machado, JC Heimann, ...
Hypertension 35 (1), 424-429
Lycopene and ß-carotene protect in vivo iron-induced oxidative stress damage in rat prostate
HR Matos, SA Marques, OF Gomes, AA Silva, JC Heimann, P Di Mascio, ...
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 39 (2), 203-210
Renin-angiotensin system function and blood pressure in adult rats after perinatal salt overload
A Alves da Silva, IL De Noronha, IB De Oliveira, DMC Malheiros, ...
Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases 13 (3), 133-139
Left ventricular hypertrophy is more marked in salt-sensitive than in salt-resistant hypertensive patients
JC Heimann, S Drumond, A Tadeu, R Alves, A Julio, G Barbato, ...
Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology 17, S122&hyhen
High-or low-salt diet from weaning to adulthood: effect on body weight, food intake and energy balance in rats
MS Coêlho, MD Passadore, AL Gasparetti, T Bibancos, PO Prada, ...
Nutrition, metabolism and cardiovascular diseases 16 (2), 148-155
Effects of renal and hepatic venous congestion on renal function in the presence of low and normal cardiac output in dogs.
HJ Priebe, JC Heimann, J Hedley-Whyte
Circulation research 47 (6), 883-890
Chronic Salt Overload Increases Blood Pressure and Improves Glucose Metabolism Without Changing Insulin Sensitivity*
NK da Costa Lima, FB Lima, EA dos Santos, MM Okamoto, DH Matsushita, ...
American journal of hypertension 10 (7), 720-727
Differential sympathetic and angiotensinergic responses in rats submitted to low-or high-salt diet
BA Carillo, A Beutel, DA Mirandola, AF Vidonho Jr, LNS Furukawa, ...
Regulatory peptides 140 (1), 5-11
Changes in dietary sodium consumption modulate GLUT4 gene expression and early steps of insulin signaling
MM Okamoto, DH Sumida, CRO Carvalho, AM Vargas, JC Heimann, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative ...
High sucrose intake in rats is associated with increased ACE2 and angiotensin-(1–7) levels in the adipose tissue
MS Coelho, KL Lopes, RA Freitas, EB de Oliveira-Sales, ...
Regulatory peptides 162 (1), 61-67
Perinatal salt restriction: a new pathway to programming insulin resistance and dyslipidemia in adult Wistar rats
AF Vidonho, AA da Silva, S Catanozi, JC Rocha, A Beutel, BA Carillo, ...
Pediatric research 56 (6), 842-848
The rise of the plasma lipid concentration elicited by dietary sodium chloride restriction in Wistar rats is due to an impairment of the plasma triacylglycerol removal rate
S Catanozi, JC Rocha, ER Nakandakare, M Passarelli, CH Mesquita, ...
Atherosclerosis 158 (1), 81-86
Low birth weight in response to salt restriction during pregnancy is not due to alterations in uterine-placental blood flow or the placental and peripheral renin–angiotensin system
SM Leandro, LNS Furukawa, MHM Shimizu, DE Casarini, AC Seguro, ...
Physiology & behavior 95 (1), 145-151
Higher salt consumption, digoxin-like factor, and nifedipine response are associated with salt sensitivity in essential hypertension
V Dichtchekenian, S Gisiger, I Quental, SRCJ Santos, M Marcondes, ...
American journal of hypertension 5 (10), 707-712
Dietary sodium chloride restriction enhances aortic wall lipid storage and raises plasma lipid concentration in LDL receptor knockout mice
S Catanozi, JC Rocha, M Passarelli, ML Guzzo, C Alves, LNS Furukawa, ...
Journal of lipid research 44 (4), 727-732
Salt sensitivity in human essential hypertension: effect of renin-angiotensin and sympathetic nervous system blockade
V Dichtchekenian, DMC Sequeira, A Andriollo, M Marcondes, ...
Clinical and Experimental Hypertension 11 (S1), 379-387
Sympathetic and renin-angiotensin systems contribute to increased blood pressure in sucrose-fed rats
RR de A Freitas, KL Lopes, BA Carillo, CT Bergamaschi, AK Carmona, ...
American journal of hypertension 20 (6), 692-698
Salt-Induced Cardiac Hypertrophy and Interstitial Fibrosis Are Due to a Blood Pressure–Independent Mechanism in Wistar Rats
DN Ferreira, IA Katayama, IB Oliveira, KT Rosa, LNS Furukawa, ...
The Journal of nutrition 140 (10), 1742-1751
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