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Network identification and flux quantification in the central metabolism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae under different conditions of glucose repression
AK Gombert, MM dos Santos, B Christensen, J Nielsen
Journal of bacteriology 183 (4), 1441-1451
Lipase production by< i> Penicillium restrictum</i> in solid-state fermentation using babassu oil cake as substrate
AK Gombert, AL Pinto, LR Castilho, DMG Freire
Process Biochemistry 35 (1), 85-90
Mathematical modelling of metabolism
AK Gombert, J Nielsen
Current Opinion in Biotechnology 11 (2), 180-186
The yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus and its biotechnological potential
GG Fonseca, E Heinzle, C Wittmann, AK Gombert
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 79 (3), 339-354
A functional genomics approach using metabolomics and in silico pathway analysis
J Förster, AK Gombert, J Nielsen
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 79 (7), 703-712
Lipase Production by Penicillium testrictum Using Solid Waste of Industrial Babassu Oil Production as Substrate
MB Palma, AL Pinto, AK Gombert, KH Seitz, SC Kivatinitz, LR Castilho, ...
Twenty-First Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals, 1137-1145
Recombinant gene expression in< i> Escherichia coli</i> cultivation using lactose as inducer
AK Gombert, BV Kilikian
Journal of biotechnology 60 (1), 47-54
Identification of in vivo enzyme activities in the cometabolism of glucose and acetate by Saccharomyces cerevisiae by using 13C-labeled substrates
MM dos Santos, AK Gombert, B Christensen, L Olsson, J Nielsen
Eukaryotic cell 2 (3), 599-608
Impact of transamination reactions and protein turnover on labeling dynamics in 13C‐labeling experiments
T Grotkjær, M Åkesson, B Christensen, AK Gombert, J Nielsen
Biotechnology and bioengineering 86 (2), 209-216
Physiology of the yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus during batch and chemostat cultures with glucose as the sole carbon source
GG Fonseca, AK Gombert, E Heinzle, C Wittmann
FEMS yeast research 7 (3), 422-435
Phenotypic characterization of glucose repression mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae using experiments with 13C‐labelled glucose
V Raghevendran, AK Gombert, B Christensen, P Kötter, J Nielsen
Yeast 21 (9), 769-779
Increased aerobic metabolism is essential for the beneficial effects of caloric restriction on yeast life span
GA Oliveira, EB Tahara, AK Gombert, MH Barros, AJ Kowaltowski
Journal of bioenergetics and biomembranes 40 (4), 381-388
Engineering of< i> Penicillium chrysogenum</i> for fermentative production of a novel carbamoylated cephem antibiotic precursor
DM Harris, I Westerlaken, D Schipper, ZA Van der Krogt, AK Gombert, ...
Metabolic engineering 11 (2), 125-137
Ethanol formation and enzyme activities around glucose‐6‐phosphate in Kluyveromyces marxianus CBS 6556 exposed to glucose or lactose excess
LH Bellaver, NMB Carvalho, J Abrahão‐Neto, AK Gombert
FEMS yeast research 4 (7), 691-698
Simple and robust method for estimation of the split between the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway and the Embden‐Meyerhof‐Parnas pathway in microorganisms
B Christensen, T Christiansen, AK Gombert, J Thykaer, J Nielsen
Biotechnology and bioengineering 74 (6), 517-523
Process strategies to improve heterologous protein production in< i> Escherichia coli</i> under lactose or IPTG induction
BV Kilikian, ID Suarez, CW Liria, AK Gombert
Process Biochemistry 35 (9), 1019-1025
Application of the Cre-< i> lox</i> P system for multiple gene disruption in the yeast< i> Kluyveromyces marxianus</i>
O Ribeiro, AK Gombert, JA Teixeira, L Domingues
Journal of biotechnology 131 (1), 20-26
The< i> Penicillium chrysogenum aclA</i> gene encodes a broad-substrate-specificity acyl-coenzyme A ligase involved in activation of adipic acid, a side-chain precursor for cephem antibiotics
MJ Koetsier, AK Gombert, S Fekken, RAL Bovenberg, MA Van den Berg, ...
Fungal Genetics and Biology 47 (1), 33-42
A global optimization approach for metabolic flux analysis based on labeling balances
CAM Riascos, AK Gombert, JM Pinto
Computers & chemical engineering 29 (3), 447-458
Transcriptional response of the obligatory aerobe Trichoderma reesei to hypoxia and transient anoxia: implications for energy production and survival in the absence of oxygen
ED Bonaccorsi, AJS Ferreira, FS Chambergo, ASP Ramos, ...
Biochemistry 45 (12), 3912-3924
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