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Calcium-dependent modulation by melatonin of the circadian rhythm in malarial parasites.
CT Hotta, ML Gazarini, FH Beraldo, FP Varotti, C Lopes, RP Markus, ...
Nature Cell Biology 2 (7), 466-468
Calcium signaling in a low calcium environment how the intracellular malaria parasite solves the problem
ML Gazarini, AP Thomas, T Pozzan, CRS Garcia
The Journal of cell biology 161 (1), 103-110
Cyclic AMP and calcium interplay as second messengers in melatonin-dependent regulation of Plasmodium falciparum cell cycle
FH Beraldo, FM Almeida, AM da Silva, CRS Garcia
The Journal of cell biology 170 (4), 551-557
Sequence and domain organization of scruin, an actin-cross-linking protein in the acrosomal process of Limulus sperm.
M Way, M Sanders, C Garcia, J Sakai, P Matsudaira
The Journal of cell biology 128 (1), 51-60
Calcium homeostasis and signaling in the blood-stage malaria parasite
CRS Garcia
Parasitology Today 15 (12), 488-491
Inositol 1, 4, 5-Trisphosphate Induced Ca< sup> 2+</sup> Release from Chloroquine-Sensitive and-Insensitive Intracellular Stores in the Intraerythrocytic Stage of the Malaria Parasite< i> P. chabaudi</i>
APD Passos, CRS Garcia
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 245 (1), 155-160
< i> Plasmodium falciparum</i> malaria parasites display a THG-sensitive Ca< sup> 2+</sup> pool
FP Varotti, FH Beraldo, ML Gazarini, CRS Garcia
Cell Calcium 33 (2), 137-144
Calcium homeostasis in intraerythrocytic malaria parasites.
CR Garcia, AR Dluzewski, LH Catalani, R Burting, J Hoyland, WT Mason
European journal of cell biology 71 (4), 409-413
Acidic calcium pools in intraerythrocytic malaria parasites
CRS Garcia, SE Ann, ES Tavares, AR Dluzewski, WT Mason, FB Paiva
European journal of cell biology 76 (2), 133-138
< i> Plasmodium</i> in the Postgenomic Era: New Insights into the Molecular Cell Biology of Malaria Parasites
CRS Garcia, MF de Azevedo, G Wunderlich, A Budu, JA Young, ...
International review of cell and molecular biology 266, 85-156
Inhibition of invasion and intraerythrocytic development ofPlasmodium falciparum by kinase inhibitors
AR Dluzewski, CR Garcia
Experientia 52 (6), 621-623
The malaria parasite mitochondrion senses cytosolic Ca< sup> 2+</sup> fluctuations
ML Gazarini, CRS Garcia
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 321 (1), 138-144
Products of tryptophan catabolism induce Ca2+ release and modulate the cell cycle of Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasites
FH Beraldo, CRS Garcia
Journal of pineal research 39 (3), 224-230
Tertian and quartan fevers: temporal regulation in malarial infection
CRS Garcia, RP Markus, L Madeira
Journal of biological rhythms 16 (5), 436-443
Melatonin and IP3-induced Ca2+ release from intracellular stores in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum within infected red blood cells
E Alves, PJ Bartlett, CRS Garcia, AP Thomas
Journal of biological chemistry 286 (7), 5905-5912
N1‐acetyl‐N2‐formyl‐5‐methoxykynuramine modulates the cell cycle of malaria parasites
A Budu, R Peres, VB Bueno, LH Catalani, CRS Garcia
Journal of pineal research 42 (3), 261-266
Exposure of< i> Plasmodium</i> sporozoites to the intracellular concentration of potassium enhances infectivity and reduces cell passage activity
KA Kumar, CRS Garcia, VR Chandran, N Van Rooijen, Y Zhou, ...
Molecular and biochemical parasitology 156 (1), 32-40
Characterization of Ca2 transport activity associated with a non‐mitochondrial calcium pool in the rodent malaria parasite P. chabaudi
APD Passos, CRS Garcia
IUBMB Life 42 (5), 919-925
Imaging< i> Plasmodium falciparum</i>-Infected Ghost and Parasite by Atomic Force Microscopy
CRS Garcia, M Takeuschi, K Yoshioka, H Miyamoto
Journal of structural biology 119 (2), 92-98
Molecular machinery of signal transduction and cell cycle regulation in< i> Plasmodium</i>
FC Koyama, D Chakrabarti, CRS Garcia
Molecular and biochemical parasitology 165 (1), 1-7
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