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Citações dos meus artigos
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Approximate reachability analysis of piecewise-linear dynamical systems
E Asarin, O Bournez, T Dang, O Maler
Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, 20-31
Effective synthesis of switching controllers for linear systems
E Asarin, O Bournez, T Dang, O Maler, A Pnueli
Proceedings of the IEEE 88 (7), 1011-1025
Orthogonal polyhedra: Representation and computation
O Bournez, O Maler, A Pnueli
Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, 46-60
A survey on continuous time computations
O Bournez, ML Campagnolo
New Computational Paradigms, 383-423
Deciding stability and mortality of piecewise affine dynamical systems
VD Blondel, O Bournez, P Koiran, CH Papadimitriou, JN Tsitsiklis
Theoretical Computer Science 255 (1), 687-696
Achilles and the Tortoise climbing up the hyper-arithmetical hierarchy
O Bournez
Theoretical Computer Science 210 (1), 21-71
Polynomial differential equations compute all real computable functions on computable compact intervals
O Bournez, ML Campagnolo, DS Graça, E Hainry
Journal of Complexity 23 (3), 317-335
On the computational power of dynamical systems and hybrid systems
O Bournez, M Cosnard
Theoretical Computer Science 168 (2), 417-459
The stability of saturated linear dynamical systems is undecidable
VD Blondel, O Bournez, P Koiran, JN Tsitsiklis
Journal of Computer and System Sciences 62 (3), 442-462
Using local planar geometric invariants to match and model images of line segments
P Gros, O Bournez, E Boyer
Computer Vision and Image Understanding 69 (2), 135-155
Complexité algorithmique des systemes dynamiques continus et hybrides
O Bournez
These de doctorat, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon 17
The general purpose analog computer and computable analysis are two equivalent paradigms of analog computation
O Bournez, ML Campagnolo, DS Graça, E Hainry
Theory and Applications of Models of Computation, 631-643
Recursive analysis characterized as a class of real recursive functions
O Bournez, E Hainry
Fundamenta Informaticae 74 (4), 409-433
Elementarily computable functions over the real numbers and R-sub-recursive functions
O Bournez, E Hainry
Theoretical Computer Science 348 (2), 130-147
Rewriting logic and probabilities
O Bournez, M Hoyrup
Rewriting Techniques and Applications, 61-75
Probabilistic rewrite strategies. Applications to ELAN
O Bournez, C Kirchner
Rewriting techniques and applications, 252-266
The mortality problem for matrices of low dimensions
O Bournez, M Branicky
Theory of Computing Systems 35 (4), 433-448
A rule-based approach for automated generation of kinetic chemical mechanisms
O Bournez, GM Côme, V Conraud, H Kirchner, L Ibănescu
Rewriting Techniques and Applications, 30-45
An analog characterization of elementarily computable functions over the real numbers
O Bournez, E Hainry
Automata, Languages and Programming, 269-280
On the convergence of population protocols when population goes to infinity
O Bournez, P Chassaing, J Cohen, L Gerin, X Koegler
Applied Mathematics and Computation 215 (4), 1340-1350
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