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Polymorphic nature of nucleolus organizer regions in fishes
F Foresti, LF Almeida Toledo, SA Toledo F
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 31 (3), 137-144
A method for chromosome preparations from large fish specimens using in vitro short-term treatment with colchicine
F Foresti, C Oliveira, LF de Almeida-Toledo
Experientia 49 (9), 810-813
Chromosome formulae of Neotropical freshwater fishes
C Oliveira, LF Almeida-Toledo, F Foresti, HA Britski, SA Toledo-Filho
Rev Bras Genet 11 (57), 624
Evolution of the ZZ/ZW system in Leporinus (Pisces, Anostomidae)
PM Galetti Jr, F Foresti
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 43 (1-2), 43-46
Conservation of the 5S-bearing chromosome pair and co-localization with major rDNA clusters in five species of Astyanax (Pisces, Characidae)
LF Almeida-Toledo, C Ozouf-Costaz, F Foresti, C Bonillo, F Porto-Foresti, ...
Cytogenetic and genome research 97 (3-4), 229-233
Sex chromosome polymorphism and heterogametic males revealed by two cloned DNA probes in the ZW/ZZ fish Leporinus elongatus
I Nakayama, F Foresti, R Tewari, M Schartl, D Chourrout
Chromosoma 103 (1), 31-39
Cytogenetic considerations on the genus Astyanax (Pisces, Characidae). I. Karyotypic variability
S Morelli, LAC Bertollo, F Foresti, O Moreira F°, S De Almeida Toledo F°
Caryologia 36 (3), 235-244
Characterization of eight species of Anostomidae (Cypriniformes) fish on the basis of the nucleolar organizing region
PM Galetti Jr, F Foresti, LAC Bertollo, O Moreira F°
Caryologia 37 (4), 401-406
Cytogenetic studies on fishes of the family Pimelodidae (Siluroidei)
AL Dias
Rev. Bras. Genet. 16, 585-600
A tandemly repetitive centromeric DNA sequence of the fish Hoplias malabaricus (Characiformes: Erythrinidae) is derived from 5S rDNA
C Martins, IA Ferreira, C Oliveira, F Foresti, PM Galetti Jr
Genetica 127 (1-3), 133-141
BrdU replication patterns demonstrating chromosome homoeologies in two fish species, genus Eigenmannia
LF Almeida Toledo, E Viegas-Péquignot, F Foresti, SA Toledo Filho, ...
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 48 (2), 117-120
Dynamics of 5S rDNA in the tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) genome: repeat units, inverted sequences, pseudogenes and chromosome loci
C Martins, AP Wasko, C Oliveira, F Porto-Foresti, PP Parise-Maltempi, ...
Cytogenetic and genome research 98 (1), 78-85
Occurrence of macro B chromosomes in Astyanax scabripinnis paranae (Pisces, Characiformes, Characidae)
EL Maistro, F Foresti, C Oliveira, LF de Almeida Toledo
Genetica 87 (2), 101-106
Synaptonemal complex analysis in spermatocytes of tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (Pisces, Cichlidae)
F Foresti, C Oliveira, PM Galetti Junior, LF Almeida-Toledo
Genome 36 (6), 1124-1128
Heteromorphic sex chromosomes in three species of the genus Leporinus (Pisces, Anostomidae)
PM Galetti Jr, F Foresti, LAC Bertollo, O Moreira Filho
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 29 (3), 138-142
Non‐destructive genetic sampling in fish. An improved method for DNA extraction from fish fins and scales
AP Wasko, C Martins, C Oliveira, F Foresti
Hereditas 138 (3), 161-165
Sex chromosome evolution in fish: the formation of the neo-Y chromosome in Eigenmannia (Gymnotiformes)
LF Almeida-Toledo, F Foresti, MFZ Daniel, SA Toledo-Filho
Chromosoma 109 (3), 197-200
Morphologically differentiated sex chromosomes in neotropical freshwater fish
LF de Almeida Toledo, F Foresti
Genetica 111 (1-3), 91-100
Heterochromatin and karyotype reorganization in fish of the family Anostomidae (Characiformes)
PM Galetti Jr, CA Mestriner, PC Venere, F Foresti
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 56 (2), 116-121
Phylogenetic analysis of flatfish (Order Pleuronectiformes) based on mitochondrial 16s rDNA sequences
R Bañon, B G Pardo, A Machordom, F Foresti, F Porto-Foresti, ...
Scientia Marina 69 (4), 531-543
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