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Field techniques for the study of ground-dwelling ant: an overview, description, and evaluation.
BT Bestelmeyer, D Agosti, LE Alonso, CRF Brandao, WL Brown, ...
Ecologia nutricional de formigas
HG Fowler, LC Forti, CRF Brandão, JHC Delabie, HL Vasconcelos, ...
Ecologia nutricional de insetos e suas implicações no manejo de pragas, 131-223
KS Brown Jr, AVL FREITAS, CRF Brandão, EM Cancello
Biodiversidade do Estado de São Paulo: síntese do conhecimento ao final do ...
The ant community associated with extrafloral nectaries in the Brazilian cerrados
PS Oliveira, CRF Brandão
Huxley, C, R,, Cutler, D, F ed (s). Ant-plant interactions. Oxford Univ ...
Grupos funcionales de hormigas: el caso de los gremios del cerrado.
R Silvestre, CRF Brandão, R Rosa da Silva
Formigas (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) como indicadores da qualidade ambiental e da biodiversidade de outros invertebrados terrestres
RR Silva, CRF Brandão
Biotemas 12 (2), 55-73
Taxonomic impediment or impediment to taxonomy? A commentary on systematics and the cybertaxonomic-automation paradigm
MR de Carvalho, FA Bockmann, DS Amorim, CRF Brandão, M de Vivo, ...
Evolutionary Biology 34 (3), 140-143
The earliest known fossil ant (first southern hemisphere Mesozoic record)(Hymenoptera; Formicidae: Myrmeciinae
CRF Brandão, RG Martins-Neto, MA Vulcano
Psyche 96 (3-4), 195-208
Ants: standard methods for measuring and monitoring biodiversity
BT Bestelmeyer, D Agosti, LE Alonso, CRF Brandão, WL Brown Jr, ...
Ants: standard methods for measuring and monitoring biodiversity
Systematic revision of the Neotropical ant genus Megalomyrmex Forel (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae), with the description of thirteen new species
CRF Brandão
Arquivos de Zoologia 31 (5), 1-91
Morphological patterns and community organization in leaf-litter ant assemblages
RR Silva, CRF Brandão
Ecological Monographs 80 (1), 107-124
Systematics must embrace comparative biology and evolution, not speed and automation
MR De Carvalho, FA Bockmann, DS Amorim, CRF Brandão
Evolutionary Biology 35 (2), 150-157
Apoidea Apiformes
SRM Pedro, JMF Camargo
Biodiversidade do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil 5, 195-211
Revision of the Neotropical ant subfamily Leptanilloidinae
CRF Brandão, JLM Diniz, D Agosti, JH Delabie
Systematic Entomology 24 (1), 17-36
Nests, worker population, and reproductive status of workers, in the giant queenless ponerine ant Dinoponera Roger (Hymenoptera Formicidae)
RVS Paiva, CRF Brandão
Ethology Ecology & Evolution 7 (4), 297-312
A New Fungus-Growing Ant Genus, Mycetagroicus gen. with the Description of Three New Species and Commer on the Monophyly of the Attini (Hymenoptera: Formicids
CRF Brandão, AJ Mayhé-Nunes
Sociobiology 38 (3B)
Major regional and type collections of ants (Formicidae) of the world and sources for the identification of ant species.
CRF Brandao
Reproductive conflict in animal societies: hierarchy length increases with colony size in queenless ponerine ants
T Monnin, FLW Ratnieks, CRF Brandão
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 54 (1), 71-79
Thaumatomyrmex strips millipedes for prey: a novel predatory behaviour in ants, and the first case of sympatry in the genus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
CRF Brandão, JLM Diniz, EM Tomotake
Insectes Sociaux 38 (4), 335-344
Division of labor within the worker caste of Formica peripilosa Wheeler (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
CRF Brandão
Psyche 85 (2-3), 229-237
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