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Citações dos meus artigos
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Myocardial structural changes in long-term human severe sepsis/septic shock may be responsible for cardiac dysfunction
MA Rossi, MRN Celes, CM Prado, FP Saggioro
Shock 27 (1), 10-18
Imbalance between matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases in hypertensive vascular remodeling
MM Castro, E Rizzi, CM Prado, MA Rossi, JE Tanus-Santos, RF Gerlach
Matrix Biology 29 (3), 194-201
Coronary microvascular disease in chronic Chagas cardiomyopathy including an overview on history, pathology, and other proposed pathogenic mechanisms
MA Rossi, HB Tanowitz, LM Malvestio, MR Celes, EC Campos, V Blefari, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 4 (8), e674
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibition improves cardiac dysfunction and remodeling in 2-kidney, 1-clip hypertension
É Rizzi, MM Castro, CM Prado, CA Silva, R Fazan Jr, MA Rossi, ...
Journal of cardiac failure 16 (7), 599-608
Chronic inhibition of nitric oxide synthase induces hypertension and cardiomyocyte mitochondrial and myocardial collagen remodelling in the absence of hypertrophy
MA Rossi, SG Ramos, CM Prado
Journal of hypertension 21 (5), 993-1001
Chagas heart disease: report on recent developments
FS Machado, LA Jelicks, LV Kirchhoff, J Shirani, F Nagajyothi, ...
Cardiology in review 20 (2), 53
Turbulent flow/low wall shear stress and stretch differentially affect aorta remodeling in rats
CM Prado, SG Ramos, JCF Alves-Filho, J Elias Jr, FQ Cunha, MA Rossi
Journal of hypertension 24 (3), 503-515
Aspirin treatment of mice infected with Trypanosoma cruzi and implications for the pathogenesis of Chagas disease
S Mukherjee, FS Machado, H Huang, HS Oz, LA Jelicks, CM Prado, ...
PLoS one 6 (2), e16959
Sepsis: going to the heart of the matter
MRN Celes, CM Prado, MA Rossi
Pathobiology 80 (2), 70-86
Tempol inhibits TGF-β and MMPs upregulation and prevents cardiac hypertensive changes
E Rizzi, MM Castro, CS Ceron, EM Neto-Neves, CM Prado, MA Rossi, ...
International journal of cardiology 165 (1), 165-173
5-Lipoxygenase is a key determinant of acute myocardial inflammation and mortality during< i> Trypanosoma cruzi</i> infection
WR Pavanelli, FRS Gutierrez, FS Mariano, CM Prado, BR Ferreira, ...
Microbes and Infection 12 (8), 587-597
Circumferential wall tension due to hypertension plays a pivotal role in aorta remodelling
CM Prado, MA Rossi
International journal of experimental pathology 87 (6), 425-436
Combining two potential causes of metalloproteinase secretion causes abdominal aortic aneurysms in rats: a new experimental model
KM Mata, PS Prudente, FS Rocha, CM Prado, EM Floriano, J Elias Jr, ...
International journal of experimental pathology 92 (1), 26-39
Increased sarcolemmal permeability as an early event in experimental septic cardiomyopathy: a potential role for oxidative damage to lipids and proteins
MRN Celes, D Torres-Duenas, CM Prado, EC Campos, JE Moreira, ...
Shock 33 (3), 322-331
Turbulent blood flow plays an essential localizing role in the development of atherosclerotic lesions in experimentally induced hypercholesterolaemia in rats
CM Prado, SG Ramos, J Elias, MA Rossi
International journal of experimental pathology 89 (1), 72-80
Disruption of sarcolemmal dystrophin and β-dystroglycan may be a potential mechanism for myocardial dysfunction in severe sepsis
MR Celes, D Torres-Duenas, L Malvestio, V Blefari, E Campos, C Prado, ...
Critical Care 14 (Suppl 2), P54
Micro-positron emission tomography in the evaluation of Trypanosoma cruzi-induced heart disease: comparison with other modalities
CM Prado, EJ Fine, W Koba, D Zhao, MA Rossi, HB Tanowitz, LA Jelicks
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene 81 (5), 900-905
Temporal changes in cardiac matrix metalloproteinase activity, oxidative stress, and TGF-β in renovascular hypertension-induced cardiac hypertrophy
E Rizzi, CS Ceron, DA Guimaraes, CM Prado, MA Rossi, RF Gerlach, ...
Experimental and molecular pathology 94 (1), 1-9
Isoproterenol induces primary loss of dystrophin in rat hearts: correlation with myocardial injury
EC Campos, M Romano, CM Prado, MA Rossi
International journal of experimental pathology 89 (5), 367-381
Calpain-mediated dystrophin disruption may be a potential structural culprit behind chronic doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy
EC Campos, JL O'Connell, LM Malvestio, MMD Romano, SG Ramos, ...
European journal of pharmacology 670 (2), 541-553
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